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Lent Pulpit Ministry: Guest Speaker - Dr Mark Chan


Lent Pulpit Ministry: Guest Speaker - Dr Mark Chan

Ps Christopher Ng

On the 13th & 20th of March, we welcome Dr. Mark Chan to the pulpit as he preaches on "Staying True and Starting Afresh" as part of our Lent sermon series. Join us at our Sunday Worship Services onsite or online as we receive His Word during this Lent season. Service details available on our website.

Dr. Mark Chan is the Earnest Lau Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Theological College.

Theme: Staying True and Starting Afresh

Synopsis: The path of obedience to God's call is often fraught with invitations to detour. These invitations often look innocuous and have an air of truth about them. Such were the tempting offers our Lord Jesus received in the wilderness at the commencement of His ministry. We can expect no less today as we serve God and His Kingdom. And when we, through our own sinful folly, depart from God's way, there is, thankfully, forgiveness in Christ when we truly repent and return to our gracious God.

The sermon titles and texts for the two Sundays are:
13 March 2022 - Tantalising Offers (Luke 4:1-13)
20 March 2022 - Tender Mercies (Psalm 51)

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